Speaking during a post-screening Q&A at the 2011 Oslo International Film Festival.

Photo by Halvor Bodin


I am a documentary filmmaker.  I’ve been one now for over 15 years, since I began my first doc, Jandek on Corwood, in 2002.


Before that, I made local TV commercials and corporate-type videos, and have continued to do that kind of commercial work periodically between films.


I know a fair bit about every stage of film and video production, but at heart I’m an editor.  I love all aspects of post-production – the invisible marvel of continuity editing, the hard edges of dis-continuity editing, the creative fluidity of sound, the subtle and powerful influence of color, and the ceaseless possibilities of visual effects.  I’ve even come to appreciate – within reason – the more esoteric arcana of color gamuts, bit depths and codecs.


My favorite software is easily the visual effects and compositing program After Effects.  Non-linear editing applications have come and gone, but After Effects has been my dependable software sidekick since I first learned it over 20 years ago.


From 2007-12 I taught filmmaking at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.  During those five years, I taught classes in nearly every facet of filmmaking: Beginning and Advanced Narrative Production, Documentary Production, Directing for Film, Cinematography & Lighting, Beginning and Advanced Editing, Sound Design, Archival Research & Storytelling – even Introduction to Film Analysis (one of my favorites) and Business of Film.


Because of my self-education and experience on multiple fronts over these years, I’ve attained a sort of old-fashioned ideal: I’m well-rounded.  I do pretty much everything on my films, typically performing every production task except music production.


The upshot is that I can make a fully-polished, deeply-engaging documentary film essentially by myself.


I won’t go on about my films – I hope they speak for themselves. But I will leave some trailers and select press about them below, just so you can see how my work has been received.



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